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Sand Dam in Kenya built November 2013

Rochdale Rotary Club has helped with water conservation in an arid area of Kenya. Through the Sand Dams Charity a club donation from the club charity fund of £6,500 has enabled a concrete wall to be built across a seasonal sandy river bed in Kibwezi district .This allows the build up of a mixture of sand and water during the rainy season which is much more resistant to evaporation in the Kenyan dry season. Villagers themselves were involved with the building of the dam .Now when rain water fills it up the local people can draw off water either through scoop holes in the sand or via infiltration galleries leading to pipes or taps Infiltration galleries can also be linked to sealed shallow wells with hand pumps. (See photo of dam, it’s structure and Commemorative plaque)
17 Community members(Wikwatyo Wa Kiambani Self Help Group) helped to build the Dam .Apart from drinking water they will also be using it for their tree nursery, for vegetable and other plant growing and it will help to maintain seed banks for future planting.
The water will fill three water school tanks ensuring children can access clean water at school.
The Wikwato wa Kiambani Group secretary Mr. Mwanthi Nuvi said the group intend to plant trees in their farms “to make their surroundings green and breathe fresh air.”Very few trees survive in such an arid area without water being available .Water from the sand dam enables tree seedlings to be germinated and grown in nurseries, meaning that they are strong enough to be planted in fields successfully when the rains arrive.
Survival rate for trees near Sand dams is between 65 and 90%, whereas overall in Kenya, the survival rate is just 2%. Trees will provide farmers with food, fodder, fertilizer, fuel, lumber and a source of income, as well as assisting soil and water conservation.
On the completion of the dam in November 2013 the local people sent a very appreciative thank you to President Neil Helliwell , International Convenor Bob Chadwick, Past President David Smithard and all members of the Rotary club(see pics of local people and children)

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